TOSS is a multi-media theatrical work that examines the psychology of consumerism and waste with humor and wit. This highly theatrical and humorous evening-length work incorporates music, movement, dialogue, rap, interaction, visual projections and thousands of plastic bags. TOSS is a collaboration between Artichoke Dance Company’s Artistic Director Lynn Neuman and composer Joshua Davis. The development of TOSS is taking place in communities across North America, being shaped by discussions, community interactions, and engaging with environmental and climate change scientists and organizations.
The TOSS journey includes conversations, workshops and work-in-progress showings. We began at The Chautauqua Institution, continued with workshops at Gibney Dance and the Permaculture Festival, then a performance event for ArtCOP21 leading up to the Paris Climate Conference. We were in residence at the Alberta College of Art and Design and at the Ucross Foundation gave workshops and a presentation at North Carolina School for the Arts and SUNY Fredonia.
TOSS Conversations
Group conversations, one-on-one interviews, and radio talks examining personal consumption and waste habits spurred by questions such as:
  1. What do we choose to use and hold onto and why?
  2. How is consumerism conscious and unconscious?
  3. How do our consumption choices harm ourself and others?
  4. At what point of amassing stuff are we not free anymore?
  5. What do we value most and why?
MAKE SOMETHING!  Re-Envisioning Workshops
•    Re-envisioning what would be considered waste for useful means
•    Using what you have to create something new
•    Hands on upcycling for artistic or personal use
Trail of Trash Workshop
What happens to your waste once it leaves your hands? Participants map the trail that trash takes from their curb, from a public trash can, and/or from street litter to its end point.
•    Features an interactive game show style quiz.
•    For younger audiences, a short participatory performance piece is created and performed.
•    For adult audiences, action plans are created to reduce waste at home and in their community.
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TOSS is being developed, in part, through the generous support of the Marion International Fellowship for the Visual and Performing Arts.Fund of the Fredonia College Foundation, State University of New York at Fredonia.